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My name is Ruth Williams, founder and owner of Ecclesia Tidings & Creations (ETC). What started out as a dream to plan and design weddings, unexpectedly turned into a passionate love for transforming paper into unique messengers and event decor.

I'm a self-taught designer, whose love of crafting started at an early age. Growing up, my summers were spent taking the things I had learned in art class during the school year and creating my own special projects. More than just crayons and a coloring book, my materials included discarded household items, magazines, paper, and scraps of fabric from my mother’s sewing room. I loved how they could be manipulated into whatever my imagination said it could be.

I am thrilled that this passion for crafting has afforded me the opportunity of starting ETC. It’s rewarding to be able to add my unique event stationery and custom handmade designs to life’s most cherished events.

I can’t wait to “enhance the celebration” with you! 

my motto: